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Go Get Conveyancing Quotes offers anyone selling or buying a house the opportunity to compare some of the most cost effective and customer focused property lawyers/conveyancers in the UK. Click on the transaction you are planning above, complete minimal questions about the transaction and instantly get your quote comparisons.

Conveyancing Quotes - How to obtain one

Like most services available to the consumer, where a quotation is required before deciding on which firm you instruct, obtaining conveyancing quotes is a very easy task.

A quick Google search of “Conveyancing Quotes”, “Conveyancing Costs”, “Conveyancing Fees”, etc. will return a multitude of websites offering such services. Much like the one you have landed on now.

The issue with obtaining conveyancing quotes is firstly, the layman does not know much about conveyancing or property law. Why would they? So they are not necessarily sure what a conveyancing quote should include or indeed what makes one solicitor/conveyancer better than another. The second issue is the multitude of conveyancers/solicitors that will offer a quote that does not give you the full picture or indeed include all of the fees they know they will have to charge and so essentially, they are offering you misleading quotes.

Why use Go Get

At Go Get, we insist that the solicitors/conveyancers on our panel offer full and comprehensive quotes based on the details you have provided. This means they include all of the fees they would ordinarily charge and they list all of the necessary disbursements (third party payments) that they are aware will need to be paid. This in turn means that you can receive a quote that you know you can rely to budget for and not end up paying an inflated bill by the time you transaction comes to completion, when compared to the original conveyancing quotes you have received.

What should you be looking for

No-Move, No-Fee

This is a must. As surprising as this might sound, around 30% of transactions fall though. If your quote does not include this service, you could end up being billed hundreds of pounds on a transaction that did not even complete.

Dedicated Solicitor/Conveyancer, with direct contact details

Make sure you transaction is not going to be passed to a “team”. This is often a sign that you may not be getting qualified staff dealing with your transaction, but also a sign that you may not receive the service you would if one person was dedicating their time and expertise to you transaction.

In-house Processing of your transaction

Many solicitors/conveyancers outsource parts of the transaction to other companies both in the UK and abroad. This can be a sign that they either do not have the expertise or qualifications to deal with all parts of the process. This could also mean they are overworked, and this itself is not a good thing.

Conveyancing Quotes that are not “too good to be true”

It is a cliché, but if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Solicitors/Conveyancers offering fees of £100 or £200 cannot be giving you the full facts. How can a solicitor/conveyancer process a whole transaction whilst offering conveyancing quotes this cheap and make a profit all the while offering a good quality of service?

Do not look for the cheapest conveyancing quotes - Look for the sensible ones

Cheap conveyancing quotes do not necessarily mean good service, in fact it almost certainly means it will not be. So instructing a proficient, qualified solicitor/conveyancing that will give you a good quality of service and that can actually be the difference between your transaction completing or falling through, means finding a solicitor/conveyancer that offers sensible conveyancing quotes that are not rock bottom prices, just to get your business.

Go Get will offer you several handpicked solicitors/conveyancer offering quotes at a level that will reflect the expertise and service you will receive. You will find cheaper conveyancing quotes online, but is it worth risking your sale, or the purchase of your new dream home, just to save a few hundred pounds? Which is exactly what you could be doing by instructing a solicitor/conveyancing that offers rock bottom, cheap conveyancing quotes. And the irony is, by instructing a firm that offers rock bottom quotes and cheaper quotes than Go Get do, that original quote you received, might not end up being cheaper by the time you complete, than the fee you would have paid had your gone with Go Get.

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