About Us

Go Get Conveyancing Quotes has been designed by property lawyers and conveyancers with over 100 years combined experience.

This site has been built for clients looking for a high quality conveyancing service that can be completed at a lower than market average cost.

No more than £6 of your total fees quoted will go to back to Go Get and it is because of this that the hand picked Solicitors/Conveyancers offering their services on the site are able to quote such affordable and competitive fees.

Often when a client is referred to a Conveyancer/Solicitor by a third party (Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers for example) a sizable referral fee will be paid back to the company introducing the client to the Solicitor/Conveyancer. This is then reflected in the price and can lead to legal fees well in excess of £1,000 being quoted. DO NOT PAY THESE FEES. Come to Go Get and receive a quotation that is competitive and not loaded to pay unnecessary referral fees.

The Go Get Team have used all of their experience and contacts within the industry to put together a hand picked panel of Solicitors/Conveyancers that will offer a level of service that we would expect to be offered, at a competitive and reasonable price.
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