Our Services

All of the companies offering services via Go will guarantee to offer the following service benefits:
  • No move no fee:
    In the unfortunate event that your transaction does not complete, you will not be charged any legal fees by your solicitor/conveyancer. This is regardless of how much work has been processed by your solicitor/conveyancer and at what stage your transaction is cancelled. Be aware that some firms will charge fees, even for a transaction that does not complete, this will not happen when instructing via Go Get.
  • Guaranteed Fixed Fees:
    The legal fees quoted via Go Get are guaranteed to stay fixed, no matter how much work has been processed by your solicitor/conveyancer to get your transaction through to completion.
  • Dedicated property lawyer:
    On instruction, whichever of the hand picked solicitors/conveyancers you have chosen to instruct via Go Get will assign a dedicated property lawyer to you transaction (s). They will guide you through the process and be on hand to assist you from the day you agree your instruction, to the day you complete.
  • Flexible Opening Hours:
    Whilst the opening hours for each of the hand picked solicitors/conveyancers will differ (please check with the solicitor/conveyancer that you instruct), they all offer more flexible hours that you would expect to receive with a high street solicitor.
  • No hidden costs:
    You will find by viewing the quotes that Go Get offer, that a full breakdown of each quotation is available (click "view quotes" following submitting your details). Many firms will often just quote the legal fee and not include the standard disbursements that you will incur on any transaction. This then gives you a false impression of what the total fees will be. Go Get provide as comprehensive a quote as possible so that you can budget accordingly.
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