Conveyancing Costs - What should you pay for conveyancing?

Conveyancing Costs have changed radically in the last 20 years, certainly since the meteoric rise of the internet and “internet legal firms” and conveyancing services being made available to conveyancing companies to process as well as solicitors.

Conveyancing Costs reducing are of course fantastic for the consumer, on the face of it, but how has this impacted on the industry? Well, for certain, we have seen a deluge of internet firms claiming to be able to process a conveyancing transaction as low as £99 + vat per transaction. This is not a good thing, not least, because it and is just not possible. How can a qualified legal firm, be able to process a transaction that in some cases will take 10 weeks or more, be able to complete the volume of work this will involve and all the while do so whilst charging conveyancing costs of just £99 + vat, and still make a profit? It’s just not possible.

At Go Get, we aim to bring together a panel of solicitors/conveyancers that offer conveyancing services whilst quoting the correct conveyancing costs. What do we mean? Well, you can be sure you will receive a quotation that gives a full breakdown of the conveyancing costs, so you know what to budget for. Yes, conveyancing is such that on occasion, you may be exposed to additional conveyancing costs that we can just not allow for at the quoting stage. However, this is often due to a third party. A Management Company charging to release information, for example, a lender insisting on an indemnity policy to cover their interest in a property because of something that has been found following your solicitors/conveyancers title check. Ultimately, we aim to give accurate quotes that are not misleading, but also ones that will allow you to expect a quality of service and standards.

What we urge our clients to do is make an informed decision on the whole package, I.E. fees and service, not just the fees. Deciding on buying or selling a property is certainly one of the biggest and more stressful decisions you can make in your life and will often involve hundreds of thousands, of your hard earned pounds. Trying to save a few hundred pounds in conveyancing costs to get the cheapest quote possible, is not necessarily the logical thing to do. If you instruct the cheapest solicitor/conveyancer possible, it’s highly likely you will not have a qualified Case Handler dealing with your matter, it’s also often the case you will have trouble getting in contact with your Case Handler and it is all too common for the average turnaround times of cheap firms to be much slower. All of this can result in you losing your sale/purchase because of lack or proactivity and/or experience and expertise.

Conveyancing Costs – Making the right choice

This is why instructing a solicitor/conveyancer that quotes the right conveyancing costs and not just the cheapest ones, is so important.

If you want further advice on about conveyancing costs and what you can expect with the service you have been quoted for on the Go Get Website, why not click the “Contact Now” button on the quote you wish to enquire about. This will allow you to get in direct contact with the quoting solicitor/conveyancer and discuss the service they will offer and allow you to instruct with confidence, knowing that the conveyancing costs you have been quoted, will reflect the service you will receive.

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