Conveyancing Fees - Why paying the right fees is so important

Please take 2 minutes to read this, it could save you hundreds of pounds in conveyancing fees, stress and even your property transaction from falling through.

Conveyancing Fees at £99 + vat? Why you should not instruct a firm claiming such fees?

Let’s get one thing clear, any firm claiming to be able to do conveyancing for you at this price, is just not being honest.

It’s just not possible and more to the point, if a firm could actually make a profit from these conveyancing fees, you certainly wouldn’t be getting the services or expertise you require when buying or selling a property that has/will cost you a huge amount of the income you have worked hard to earn.

Unfortunately, our industry, the conveyancing industry, has become one that has seen huge growth in the amount of firms and websites claiming to be able to offer such ludicrously cheap conveyancing fees.

The actual result of instructing a firm like this? By the time you get to completion, your final bill will have increased significantly from the original conveyancing fees you were quoted. We have seen final bills that have amounted to more than 10 times the original fees quoted.

Conveyancing Fees will always reflect the service you will receive.

Ask yourself this, if the average conveyancing transaction takes 6 – 8 weeks, and for this period of time you have had a legal professional, that requires a wage of someone who has expert knowledge and qualifications in this field, working hard on you transaction, how could a firm make a profit from quoting “£99” conveyancing fees? Quite simply, they cannot. So these firms quote low fees to get your business and will then set about adding these fees on to your final bill throughout the transaction, often not even telling you about them until the day of completion, by which time, you have little choice but to pay their final bill in order to complete and at best go through a drawn out complaints process to try and reclaim some of the additional conveyancing fees you have incurred.

We have seen firms charge £25 every time they have raised an enquiry to the solicitor acting on the other side of the transaction. This has amounted to over £500 of additional costs on the final bill. We have also seen firms target their Property Lawyers to bill extra conveyancing fees on a file and even pay the Property Lawyers a bonus to do so.

This is the sort of business practice that gives our industry a bad name. All of the firms on this site are vetted and assessed to ensure that the conveyancing fees they quote are the exact fees you pay.

Yes of course there will be times when additional costs are incurred that cannot be quoted for initially, for example, a lender may ask for an additional search, a management company may require payment to release enquires, etc. However, if these third party costs arise, they will do so regardless of who you instruct.

Conveyancing Fees set by Go Get and our Panel of Legal Firms

At Go Get, we will not allow our panel of handpicked firms to quote a base conveyancing fee of lower than £399 + vat. The reason is simply that we know to have a conveyancing business that offers the service and expertise we expect to be delivered and the service and expertise you should expect to receive, this is the minimum fee that needs to be charged to be able to do so. We will not allow the conveyancing firms on our site to quote low conveyancing fees in order to obtain your business, only to then add on extra fees before completion.

Yes, the quotes you will receive from our site will be higher than fees offered on many sites when you google, “Cheap Conveyancing”, “Conveyancing Comparison”, Conveyancing Fees”, etc. however, our quotes are ones of honesty and ones that you can rely on to budget for. And ironically, in many cases, you will end up completing on your transaction and paying less with our handpicked firms, than you will when instructing a firm that claims to offer cheap conveyancing fees.

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