Conveyancing Solicitors - Hand Picked by Go Get

Go Get Conveyancing Quotes has been designed by conveyancing solicitors, with over 100 years combined experience.

This site has been built for clients looking for a high quality conveyancing service that can be completed at rate that you would expect a conveyancing solicitor to act for, and offer the efficiency and speed you require for the price you have paid.

No more than £5 of your total fees quoted will go back to Go Get and it is because of this that the handpicked conveyancing solicitors/conveyancing firms offering their services on the site, are able to quote such affordable and competitive fees.

Often when a client is referred to a conveyancing solicitor/conveyancing firm by a third party (Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers for example) a sizable referral fee will be paid back to the company introducing the client to the conveyancing solicitor/conveyancer firm. This is then reflected in the price and can lead to legal fees well in excess of £1,000 being quoted. DO NOT PAY THESE FEES. Come to Go Get and receive a quotation that is competitive and not loaded to pay unnecessary referral fees.

The Go Get Team have used all of their experience and contacts within the industry to put together a handpicked panel of conveyancing solicitors/conveyancing firms that will offer a level of service that we would expect to be offered, at a competitive and reasonable price.

Conveyancing Solicitors - Lender Panel Membership

The conveyancing solicitors on our panel can act for nearly every lender in the UK. All of our solicitors are also regulated, either by the SRA (Solicitors Regulatory Authority) if they are a conveyancing solicitor or by the CLC (Council for Licenced Conveyancers) if they are a conveyancing property lawyers.

Conveyancing Solicitors that act on a No-Move, No-Fee Basis

All of the conveyancing solicitors on our panel will act on a No-Move, No-Fee Basis. There are many solicitors that do not include this feature, or indeed ones that charge additionally for it. Also, there are many that stipulate various terms and conditions attached to this offer. The solicitors on our panel will include this feature within their service, at no extra cost, with no terms & conditions attached. Quite simply, if you transaction does not complete for any reason, you will not be charge any of the legal fees. When obtaining quotes from other conveyancing solicitors, be quite clear to question their process around this feature. We have seen firms charge clients hundreds of pounds in fees on cases that did not complete.

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