What is Online Conveyancing?

Online Conveyancing is a term that is used a lot, but in reality, it really makes no sense. Conveyancing cannot be processed “online”. It is process that has to be completed by a human being and requires a high level of training and expertise.

So what does Online Conveyancing really mean?

When consumers use the phrase “Online Conveyancing”, they often refer to the ability to be able to get online updates. Whist these are helpful in theory, for the most part, they are generic milestones that give you very few details, and so online conveyancing updates, are often not a particularly very helpful feature.

Whilst many of the solicitors/conveyancers on our site do have an online conveyancing updates feature (you will be provided with a username and password to login to their website and view the updates), we pride ourselves on making sure that the legal firms we allow on our panel, offer a far more personal service than just giving you the ability to check online conveyancing updates yourself. You will be provided with a direct dial and email address of the person dealing with your transaction(s) and they will often contact you by telephone/email (whichever you prefer), to give you a far more detailed update as to the progress of your transaction than an online conveyancing update system can offer.

Online Conveyancing Firms - Key factors to find when obtaining quotations

Will they act on a No-Move, No-Fee Basis, at no extra cost?

All solicitors/conveyancers on the Go Get Website, will do so at no extra cost.

Will they charge additional costs based on the volume of letters they send or phone calls they have to make?

All solicitors/conveyancers on the Go Get panel will not charge any additional costs for the volume of letters or phone calls dealt with.

Will they charge additional costs for each enquiry they raise or answer to the solicitor acting for the other party?

The cost of any enquires raised or answered by the solicitors/conveyancers on the Go Get Website will be included in the legal fees quoted.

Can your online conveyancer act for your lender?

When you instruct a solicitor/conveyancer to act on a purchase, they HAVE to be on the lenders panel to be able to act for the lender and process your purchase. Smaller, online conveyancing firms may not be on all of the major lender panels and so may not even be able to act for you. Sometime this is not clarified until weeks into a transaction, causing you delays as you will then have to find a new solicitor/conveyancer to act for you. In some cases, the online conveyancer may even charge you for the work they have done, even though they should have been clear from the outset, that they could not even process your transaction.

Service at the right Fees

Service is key to us at Go Get, together with quoting the correct fees for the service we expect you to receive and enable the solicitors/conveyancers on our site to be able to get your transaction to completion as quickly as possible, whilst following the necessary legal protocol.

Some firms will say that they offer online conveyancing services such as being able to read documents online or being able to make electronic payments. Well, all of the solicitors/conveyancers on our panel can email your documents to you and allow you to make payments online. However, I don’t think this warrants the description that they are “Online Conveyancing” firms.

The solicitors and conveyancers on our panel are experienced and qualified but also use the latest technology to enhance and speed up the conveyancing process, but they are still solicitors or conveyancers. We would not call them legal firms that process “Online Conveyancing”.

So why would you choose a solicitor/conveyancer that claims they offer online conveyancing?

Instructing the cheapest firm you can offering “online conveyancing” is not advisable. As cliché as it is, “you get what you pay for”. Go Get hand pick the solicitors/conveyancers on our website to ensure they are offering levels of service that reflect the price they quote and that they quote all of the fees they will need to charge at the outset, based on the details provided. Some online conveyancing firms can be prone to quoting low fees and then adding additional fees as the transaction goes on. You are then left with a bill that is far higher than originally quoted.

Yes Go Get are a website and so, we are online, however, we will not offer online conveyancing, because this term doesn’t really make any sense.

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